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Guide to understanding your auto repair estimate

Your estimate claim details

The claim details of your estimate include important information such as:

(A) Date and time of your estimate (B) Claim Number (C) Claim Contact Information

Your estimate details

This is where the details about your damaged auto can be found:

(D) Inspection/Repair Facility (E) Estimated Days to Repair (F) Vehicle Info and Options

Repair estimate details

(G) Operation (H) Description (I) Quantity (J) Price (K) Labor (L) Common Abbreviations
  • RPR = Repair
  • REPL = Replace
  • R&I = Remove & Install
  • RT = Right
  • LT = Left
  • INCL = Included
  • QTR = Quarter
  • BLND = Blend Paint
  • O/H = Overhaul
  • "N" = Note (in section N)